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Water from Hagg Lake supports...

Water from Hagg Lake supports more than 250,000 jobs and irrigates 17,000 acres of cropland. The sustained and recurring droughts in Oregon and other western states underscore the need to address not only the threat of earthquakes but also the threat of water shortages.

Modifying Scoggins Dam is critical to continued economic development and a sustainable supply for agriculture.

Frequently Asked Questions

>Why not restrict water usage so we don’t need to expand our water supply?
Conservation alone is not enough to meet the future demands for water. Especially in Washington County where homes and businesses are using 15% to 20% less water than a decade ago with effective water conservation programs and newer low water use appliances. This project addresses both water needs and urgent earthquake risks.
>Why do we need two major water supply projects, this one and the Willamette Supply Project, in the Tualatin River Watershed?
There is enough water for today, but we must move forward now to meet future demands and the two projects ensure safe, reliable water. Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) and the City of Hillsboro chose to pursue the Willamette Supply Project after the Scoggins Dam/Hagg Lake project was delayed by new safety requirements for federal dams. All the water providers in our growing region strive for the most reliable and cost effective ways to deliver safe, clean water and have evaluated every option to secure water for the future. It takes many years to plan, fund and build water supply projects. These projects complement each other and are both necessary for our region’s diverse and resilient water supplies.
>How will neighbors who are impacted by this project be compensated for 10 or more years of uncertainty that could affect their property values?
Every person who is working on this project wishes it were possible to eliminate uncertainties for those who are impacted. As Tom VanderPlaat, the project manager for Clean Water Services, said, “We are making decisions as quickly as we can and promise to update people who might be affected.” Anyone who will be relocated will receive fair compensation. Our elected officials, Clean Water Services and partners’ staff, and consultants who are working on the project know time is of the essence and Scoggins Dam neighbors need answers.